Not so long ago, I discovered Donna Vivino’s version of “No Good Deed”  and I am still not over how utterly amazing it is. She sounds so crazy, which is so good. Also that high F belt note at the end of her Fiyero-riff. Ugh. Too much, too much to mention. Also. ACTING.

YouTube decided to delete the video, but Thank Goodness I was smart enough to download it before that happened, so that I can re-upload it over here, because it’s still one of the beste NGD-performances I have ever seen. (I did not record this video though and I can’t find the user who did, for which I’m sorry. I will give you the right source-claims if you turn up after all.)




For KLIK! Animation Festival Amsterdam, my classmates and I made this bit of animation. It’s officially awesome and fabulous - it says so in the description on Vimeo! Check it out!

Look we made an animation!

Check it out! =D


the little puppy at the end is seriously the cutest thing ever animated ever

Flapper girl! Trying to figure out the style for a possible animated short

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stares at what Frozen could have been. silently puts a hand on a glass divide between myself and my dreams, forever separated, forever lost.


Lady and the Tramp - Backgrounds


My cosplays of Animecon 2013 last weekend.

My friend does some incredible cosplays!



“world of averages” - composite images culled from thousands of individual portraits resulting in symmetrical average faces

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